ARCA 21 unites and supports sensitive pioneers towards a new humanity

We are building:

  • A community of virtuous people.
  • A medical network
  • Legal support
  • An (in)formative and educational channel.
  • An inter-disciplinary network
  • and much more...
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Who are we?

ARCA21 stands for Association for Responsibility and Active Cooperation.
Founded in May 2021, it is an association within the meaning of Articles 60-79 of the CCS with its own legal personality and not-for-profit. [Statutes]

ARCA21 promotes free and critical thinkingdetached from any form of dogmatism, totalitarianism or prejudice.
It advocates a humanist vision built on both individual and collective responsibility, with the aim of creating inter-professional cooperation in accordance with ethical and moral principles.

ARCA21 is an operational body that draws on recognised scientific evidence based also on the virtuous developments of technology, integrated with a healthy humanistic and holistic balance to problem solving.
Supports people in acquiring information to foster individual growthdevelopment of thefinancial independencethrough the creation of an interchange community and enhancement of the labour and money market, in a virtuous and economically sustainable way.

ARCA21 supports the freedom of conscience, opinion and expression of the individual.
It also proclaims for theindependence from all political and religious influences.
It encourages science, philosophy, art and culture and may support initiatives aimed at their dissemination, collaborating with other associations, foundations and groups with the same aims.

This is what ARCA 21 has built or is building:


An alternative, incensed, private, and based on trust, loyalty, reciprocity e respect. Our social platform is only accessible to ARCA 21 members and enables the creation of micro communities of virtuous people ready to help each other out.

Information Portal

An alternative channel for the collection and dissemination of timely and truthful documents, articles, videos, news and information to be consulted periodically.


Netowork brings together professionals from all branches: lawyers, doctors, computer scientists, insurers, entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, etc in an inter-disciplinary network of people ready to support each other and exchange skills and expertise.


A training portal with short videos and micro-courses in various disciplines with the objective of helping you to acquire system and professional independenceincrease your mental and physical well-being.

Medical Portal

A valuable health support with doctors united in a different approach that does not generate unnecessary fears and tensions, ready to support you with effective information and advice for proper prevention.

Legal Portal

The time to take responsibility, get involved and take back your freedoms is now. ARCA 21 helps you with legal documents and a network of associations of lawyers and jurists to provide you with legal support adequate.

Projects Portal

We give and support all those initiatives, projects and startups who are denied the necessary funds to start up by institutions and/or banks. If there is a solid economic basis and expertise for a project to see the light of day, we will help and support you by collecting micro-credits from members.

Time Bank

Independence leads to a balanced, satisfying and free life. ARCA 21 wants to support your independence from the system, money, labour and resources. We are building a platform of free time exchange where you can exchange goods and services with other members using only your time.

Ticino Food Network

ARCA 21 is collaborating on the construction of a alternative food network with local products from directly from Ticino farmers and producers. You can thus make a local and independent online shopping from large retailers and receive it directly at home or pick it up at collection points.

Sail with us

Sensitive, virtuous and pioneering people from all over the world are coming together in communities to build alternative ecosystems and make a difference.

The time to get active, take responsibility and cooperate is now.Join ARCA 21 and let's join forces in Ticino too!

Sail with us

Sensitive, virtuous and pioneering people from all over the world are coming together in communities to build alternative ecosystems and make a difference.

The time for action is now.Join ARCA 21 and let's join forces in Ticino too!

Take your first steps with ARCA 21:

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ARCA 21 wants to act as a solid pillar for its members. Able to help and support at health, emotional-human, legal, financial and (in)educational levels.

A community

A community of virtuous people from Ticino for Ticino, based on values that have almost disappeared: integrity, trust, respect, sensitivity and morality.

An ecosystem

An alternative ecosystem based on human contact, exchange, a sense of reciprocity and sensitivity. So that we stop being treated like numbers.

2. Benefit from the Effects

About you

Supported by a community that understands and supports you humanely so that you can face the days with more joy and confidence.

About the Society

With your contribution, without your virtues being assigned a monetary value, you will participate in changing the Community, Ticino and Society as a whole.

"Those who were seen dancing were judged insane by those who could not hear the music."

-Friedrich Nietzsche

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Some frequently asked questions:

What is the mission of ARCA 21?

We are building a local, highly innovative community with many professionals from all branches.
Responsibly and cooperatively, we will build a virtuous information network, which will enable the exchange of goods and services through a new financial ecosystem. Don't underestimate your potential!
We are looking for people like you... YOUR value is immense!

How can I benefit from ARCA 21?

ARCA 21 is in full development, by joining us you will discover how we can navigate together through this chaos of media information, so that together we can build a new community ecosystem with great added value.

ARCA21 offers a platform to create a Ticino community and groups to share resources, knowledge and information. A medical and information network to support you.

Legal support to assert one's rights and freedoms against repressive and control obligations.

A network of local sourcing of high quality organic food through buying groups and solidarity farming.

Last but not least, support for our members through the creation of a monetary ecosystem for the exchange of goods and services.

Who is it suitable for?

As its name suggests, ARCA 21 wants to welcome anyone who has the desire to get on board.

I live outside Ticino or abroad, can I still register?

ARCA21 does not want to set any boundaries, neither national nor international. Everything we are building will be available to everyone. Some services will initially be local only, but we are planning interaction and contacts with other similar groups and associations in Switzerland and abroad, and in time we will create a multilingual platform.

Is there a charge for being a member of ARCA21?

Like almost all associations in Switzerland, to join and become a member of ARCA21 there is an annual membership fee, to support the association and thus enable it to be able to help all registered members and pursue its aims.

Can I exit ARCA 21 at any time?

Of course, if you decide to become a member and later want to leave, with a simple email or by not paying the annual fee, you will be free of any constraints.

I have another question that does not appear here...

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